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Hear Fatima's testimonial (0:36)
"I came to India to learn yoga, and I ended up learning more about life"

Yes, we learn about Hatha, Vinyasa, but I also ended up learning so much about myself. I'm so much more understanding of other people. I've learned so many amazing things! I think everyone should come to Rishikesh, and if you come to Rishikesh you should come to Vinyasa Yoga School!

- Fatima M.
Danielle Grondin
United States
"Studying the ancient art of yoga at Vinyasa Yoga School has forever changed my life"

Studying the ancient art of yoga at Vinyasa Yoga School has forever changed my life. The teachers and owners are truly centered in serving. They care about the total experience of the students and work diligently to provide accommodations that will exceed your expectations. Also, through their teachings, they work hard to ensure the true essence of yoga is maintained and lives on in each new yoga teacher they introduce to the world.

Moreover, of all the places in India to deepen your practice, there is a scared energy in Rishikesh. Walking the same paths enlightened sages stroll, gazing out over the Holy Ganga, and meditating in caves will infuse serious practitioners with a sense of Surrender to the Supreme (Īśvara-Praṇidhāna - ईश्वर-प्रणिधान). If you are called to share yoga with the world, I highly recommend starting your life long journey with the wonderful souls of Vinyassa Yoga School.

Allie Bright
United States
"I learned more in a month here than I have in my entire life"

Oh goodness, I don't even know where to start. Having the opportunity to study yoga in Rishikesh was a treat all in its own, but being able to learn from these incredible teachers... I am unable to express my gratitude. I learned more in the month I was in Rishikesh at Vinyasa Yoga School than I have in my entire life.

From shatkarma to hatha and vinyasa to philosophy and anatomy to meditation... I was filled with this enormous quantity of information in such a short time.  At first I was fearful I would forget all the wonderful lessons but because the teachers were so engaging and the classes were so intimate I have retained all that knowledge and continue to use it in my daily life.

There is not a single complaint I could possibly come up with; everyone from the teachers, my peers (now my family), and the locals were beautiful and inspiring. Easily the greatest trip of my life.

Bank Light
"Blown away by a sense of joy and unfathomable fulfillment"

Surrounded by the positive vibes from my teachers, staff, fellow students, local people, all creation, the misty mountains and the Ganges river, I'd been blown away by a sense of joy and unfathomable fulfillment from the school and its location. I'm sure I will keep sharing what I'd been taught and pay it forward to the fullest. Thank YOU so much for having me.

Yoga with Bank
Hanna Leask
"Prepared to lead students of all levels with confidence"

As hoped, the Vinyasa Yoga School prepared me to lead students of all levels, with the knowledge that is necessary to teach with confidence. The small class size allowed lots of opportunities to practice teaching during the month as well as one-to-one time with the teacher.  A welcome surprise was the fantastic view of the Ganges from sunrise through to sunset, be it in the classroom, yoga studio or on the roof, always a beautiful view.

The Yoga Alliance course content covers lots that I had never considered before; mantra, philosophy, therapy, etc. These ended up being some of my favourite teachings though.  I also didn't expect to learn so much about myself during the course - mind, body and spirit.  I think this was just the start of a continuous journey of the self.  Thank-you to everyone at the Vinyasa Yoga School.

Grace Young
United Kingdom
"The greatest thing I learned was that yoga is not just something we perform on our mat each day, it is the way we choose to conduct our lives"

Practicing yoga each day alongside a panoramic view of the Ganges and the Himalayas inspired and motivated us; taking mantra classes and learning the traditions of yoga and meditation gave us a unique insight into this culture; and being in the classroom with the most diverse and incredible people (let’s face it, yogis are pretty great) made for the most memorable experiences, the heartiest of laughs and friendships that I would deem unbreakable.

There were challenges that we faced on our journey to becoming yoga teachers, after all it’s an intensive training course, not a yoga retreat. However, supporting one another and overcoming these challenges together was so rewarding. Each person got something different from their experience at Vinyasa Yoga School; a great introduction to begin teaching yoga back home, a deeper personal practice, an insight into a fascinating culture, new friends that spanned the globe. Perhaps the greatest thing I learned was that yoga is not just something we perform on our mat each day, it is the way we choose to conduct our lives.

We’re all teachers now, but we’ll never stop learning…

Allyson Goddard
"Beautiful environment, beautiful people, beautiful teachings"

Studying yoga in India was one of my top bucket list dreams and I couldn't be more satisfied with the experience I had nor more grateful for choosing Vinyasa Yoga School in Rishikesh. I never imagined the deeper knowledge and understanding within yogic philosophy that we were taught beneath the bare surface of my previous experience with yoga exercise. What a truly enlightened experience it was. Rishikesh is the perfect place to fully immerse yourself in these teachings and lifestyle. The scenery is incredible, the sounds of music and chanting coming from temples, people meditating everywhere, all the charming little cafes and shops... A little spiritual paradise.

I met many other students also doing teach training at other schools and couldn't help but notice the difference in class size and the effect it has on developing intimate relationships and family vibes. Despite such a small class, the teachers showed no less enthusiasm and passion in what they taught. We all got several chances to try and teach classes, supporting each other. And Harsh and his wife are such beautiful and compassionate souls that care very much for all the students' well being, growth, and input.

Beautiful environment, beautiful people, beautiful teachings. I feel seriously blessed by the whole experience. I'd absolutely recommend this school to anyone of any degree or experience with yoga who wants to learn what it's truly all about... and have a wonderful time doing it.

Thank you SO MUCH! I'll never forget my month here. Namaste, my friends

Randy Lau
United States
"An absolutely amazing, intense, and immersive month of yoga"

I had an absolutely amazing experience here! I took part in a 200 hour teacher training course in 2013 and loved every minute of it. It was an intense and immersive month of yoga, and I emerged with a deeper understanding and appreciation for yoga beyond the physical practice of asanas.

All of our teachers were truly passionate about what they taught. Our classes were small and intimate (based on what we heard from our friends at other schools in the area). The teachers really tried to make sure that we walked away from every class with every question answered. Even amidst a full schedule of practice and lectures on yoga, I developed great friendships with our teachers and other classmates.

In general, all my fears and apprehension about going to India were quelled. I lived really comfortably and healthily during my month at the school (hot water, WiFi, security, and other creature comforts) and we had a great group of locals and foreigners to show us around and give us the time of our lives in Rishikesh.

The month I spent here is something I'll look back on fondly for the rest of my life. Not many things are quite as serene as staring at the sunset and Ganga river from our yoga hall after a hard-earned Savasana at the end of the day.

Annabel Lines
"A comprehensive and comfortable experience"

I had a really positive experience doing the 200 hr TTC at The Vinyasa Yoga School.

The yoga is of a high standard and the teachers are excellent, going out of their way to impart their knowledge, advance our skill base and encourage growth. All the classes were informative, comprehensively covering the essentials as well as engaging on a more philosophical level with some lively debates and a lot of laughter. Students and teachers all became firm friends during this really enjoyable month.

Staying in Vinyasa Yoga School was very convenient and comfortable and with Sanjay as host/cook/reception, jack of all trades you can't go wrong.

I am still travelling in India, trying different schools and ashrams, so far Vinyasa Yoga School is the top of my list!

Jamuna Nadi
"MAHAL KO KAYO LAHAT (I love you all)!"

See you again Rishikesh, I'm going home with a lot of treasures. I feel so rich from my time here and no amount of money can ever buy it... MAHAL KO KAYO LAHAT (I love you all)!  I'm forever thankful to my teachers.  The genuine love and understanding, compassion for my rusting brain :), and my emotional breakdowns (waterworld).  And to my new friends, I'm proud to have been with you guys.  GALING SA PUSO KO (from the bottom of my heart) THANK YOU!!!!

Kathlyn Hart
United States
"Learned far more than I ever expected"

Spent the most incredible month at the Vinyasa Yoga School. The teachers were incredibly enthusiastic about passing on their knowledge to us. I really enjoyed the intimate class size which allowed me to practice teaching multiple times and get great feedback from the teachers and other students which was huge for me. I learned far more than I ever expected about the history, philosophy and culture of yoga in India and am excited to pass along the knowledge to my future students.

Extra bonus: After traveling throughout India, the housing at Vinyasa Yoga School was wonderful, it was great to be able to take refuge in a comfy bed after our long days and to have amenities like wi-fi and security to make you feel at home and safe. Also the food was delicious, I'm honestly craving it right now :) I LOVED staying in Rishikesh. Being situated right along the Ganges between the mountains is a breathtaking backdrop. Every moment I had outside of class was spent soaking in the view and journaling at one of the many nearby cafes.

Thank you Harsh, Lavina and all of the other teachers! Hope to come back and visit you all again.

Leona Dinopol
"Gave me a renowned sense of fulfillment"

I truly enjoyed my time and I hope more and more students come to you seeking for peace and knowledge and experience the same as I have. Yesterday I taught my first class after returning from India. It gave me a renowned sense of fulfillment to share the new things I've learned from all of you. I cannot overemphasize how thankful I am.

Coming to Rishikesh, as with most decisions I make in life, was deemed unnecessary by a lot of people in my life. But I’ve learned that sometimes you need to go seemingly insane and make unconventional and irrational choices so you can regain your focus again. Sometimes all you need is to completely overhaul your surroundings to realize that it doesn’t matter what’s going on outside. What you need, and what you hope to become, has always been inside you. Thank you, Rishikesh, for showing me exactly that. I will forever be grateful.

Read more about Leona's wonderful experience here
Chawanad Luansang
"Experienced a sense of happiness, calm, and confidence"

It was a great time to learn and met all good teachers and friends who are searching and practice to uncover the strength and spirituality within. With a good support from all staffs and great location in the sacred city of Rishikesh we met many people around the world who share the same mind it was great fun. I feel confidence and happy to teach yoga and have learn so many things that can guide me to the path of yoga.

Vallee Nada
United Kingdom
"Learned how to find peace within myself"

A whole month that I will cherish for the rest of my life - the journey that we all took together to graduate today as yoga teachers from Vinyasa Yoga School, Rishikesh. Whether we become yoga teachers or not, one of the most important things that I have learnt is how to find peace within ourselves, with others and with the world in general and we could not have done this without our beautifully, compassionate, intelligent, inspirational and non-egoistical teachers.

My heartfelt thank you to all of you for whom I and I'm sure all others will be forever greatful for. Words cannot express my feelings atm but this is not just a post to thank these guys and the amazing classmates that I have shared this journey with but also to ask that even if not now, that one day you all pursue this inspirational & spiritual journey in Rishikesh.

It has defintely been life changing in a positive way, to say the least. So I will end this note with one of my favourite quotes that seems appropriate for today 'God didn't promise days without pain, laughters without sorrow, sun without rain. But he did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears and light for the way. If he brought us to it, he'll bring us through it.' - author unknown!

Hear Deniz's testimonial (0:49)
"I've been the most happiest that I've ever been in my life"

I've challenged myself, grown a lot, and made a lot of deep connections. You feel so supported by your classmates (or soulmates), teachers, and just Rishikesh as a whole. If you only need one reason to come here, you need to meet Sarita, because she'll make you so happy!

- Deniz L.
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