Symbolism of Jnana Mudra

Posted by | Meditation | October 10, 2014
Most meditators are familiar with jnana mudra, but a common question is, "Why is this the most common mudra for meditation?"  Learn more about other mudras here  For starters, Jnana mudra, is the mudra of knowledge.  Created by placing the tips of the thumb and the index together to form a circle with the palms facing up, this mudra actually stimulates an opening effect, allowing for a receiving from the divine source. jnana mudra In addition, there is great symbolism to this mudra.  The thumb represents universal consciousness, while the index finger represents individual consciousness. The unity in this gesture symbolizes the union of the divine self with the individual self, resulting in the transcendence of this world. Mudra Try Jnana Mudra while practicing the "Soham" meditation and notice the connection between you and the greater Universe! 

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